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My 2 weeks niece who feeds only on breast milk is suffering from constipation.  What are the possible causes and how to we prevent it happening again after treatment 

Crying at night

Dear doctor my baby is one year two months old .He feeds very well but every night he wakes up crying. I feed him at night too but he still cries like there's a discomfort within. Moreover he has...


Dear Doctor, Please I feel pain all over my body and I feel headache, I have a strong cough. When I take in food I cough and vomit all the food I took in. I have treated malaria but still...

Baby Formula

Dear Doctor, Please what is the required formula food for a 3 wheek old baby. In my case, the mothers breast milk is flowing but not in large quantity to satisfy the baby. please...

flakes in baby's hair

Hello doctor, I recently delivered a healthy baby boy. I have noticed what looks like flaking of the skin of his scalp which doesn’t seem to be getting better.  I am worried it will...


Dear Doctor, i am a first time mother who delivered 2 days ago. my breastmilk is not flowing and i fear for the life of my baby. please help me 


I hope you can help me. This is my first pregnancy and a scan shows that the pregnancy is 6 weeks old. I vomit about 6 times everyday and can't keep anything in my tummy. what should i do?

Baby walking

Please i need your help. My baby is two years old but still cannot walk. He crawls but doesn't stand. Doctors have conducted their xrays and they say his bones are fine, they say well...

antenatal visits

Hi, I had a positive urine pregnancy test 2 months ago and so far I have had no problems at all. Can I wait till I’m 4 months before I start antenatal visits?

frequent urination in pregnancy

I am six months pregnant and I have noticed I urinate more frequently than I used to. I did a urine test and I was told it is normal but I still urinate a lot. Should I be worried?